Hubbard family donates Land Trust's newest parcel

Milford Land Conservation Trust has acquired its newest parcel, an approximately 2.5-acre tract of woodland bordering a wetland. The property borders the northern ends of Wall St, Bonsilene St, and Howe St.

This parcel is a generous gift to MLCT by the Hubbard family, to preserve and protect for future generations. The Hubbard family acquired the parcel in 1953, before which it was a trolley right-of-way owned (in succession) by the Winchester Avenue Railroad Company, the West Shore Railway Company, and the Connecticut Company.

The Hubbard Parcel provides excellent habitat for songbirds and other wildlife. Birds seen at the site include mourning doves, gray catbirds, and grackles. Plant life is dominated by a mix of native and invasive species. Native flora include eastern cottonwood, black walnut, and wild grape, while invasive species include multiflora rose and Japanese knotweed.

Conservation priorities for the site include removal of litter, illegally dumped debris, and invasive plants.

To help kickstart our efforts to preserve and protect the Hubbard Parcel, MLCT will be hosting a clean-up event on June 29th, 2019 from 9 am to 12 pm, further details to be announced. All who wish to help protect this special habitat in Milford will be welcome to attend, contribute, and get to know their Land Trust.

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