Property on Anchorage Drive donated to Land Trust

The Land Trust is proud to announce the acquisition of our newest parcel, 1.12 acres of wetland habitat on Anchorage Drive. The newest property is the generous donation of Jeanne Campagna, in honor of her husband:

"This donation is being given in memory of Joseph Campagna, Sr whose eyes looked onto the wetlands before the phragmites took over, whose row boat docked along the creek that runs through it and who swam the creek out to Long Island Pond with his son Joey. It is my hope that my neighbors who own significant wetland property will make a similar donation enabling the salt marsh to return in all its beauty."

Land Trust volunteers will be conducting a clean-up of the property in October, to remove trash and invasive plants.

We thank Jeanne for this generous donation, and for taking action to preserve undeveloped land for wildlife and future generations of Milford residents.

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