Land Trust hosts invasive plant cleanup at Nancy's Meadow

On September 28, the Land Trust hosted an invasive plant cleanup at Nancy's Meadow, a coastal meadow habitat at the intersection of Milford Point Rd and 1st Ave. Several Land Trust members, Board members, and neighbors in the Laurel Beach community joined us to help remove some of the invasive plants that inhabit the parcel. 

Nancy's Meadow borders the Charles E Wheeler marsh, and is subject to periodic flooding. Inundation with saltwater has removed many native trees and bushes, and invasive plants have rushed to fill the ecological void. Invasive plants we removed included oriental bittersweet, mugwort, Japanese knotweed, wineberry, privet, and bush honeysuckle.

Continued management will be necessary to keep invasive plants in check and maintain Nancy's Meadow as a habitat for native plants and wildlife.

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